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Great that you show interest in studying Dutch!

Personally, I think that learning another language has a lot do to with building up the confidence to speak in your daily life.

Although trying to communicate in a foreign tongue can be challenging, it helps me to integrate and feel more at home, wherever I may be.

Therefore, as both a student and teacher of languages, I like to connect with people, personalizing the lesson material in order to make the learning process as effective and profound as possible.

After my linguistical studies at the University of Amsterdam, I started to develop this tailor-made method focusing on the life of the Amsterdam expat.

For some years now, I enjoy teaching absolute beginners to intermediates, yet also help expert speakers perfecting their tongue.

It truly is a great pleasure and privilege to share our wonderful language with bright, enthusiastic individuals.

So, if you are looking for an engaging, skilled and passionate Dutch teacher, please send me a message.

Hope to talk to you soon, in Dutch!

All the best,

Daniel Dutch

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Kate S. & Tomás V. (UK & Brazil) ABN AMRO

"The Company Group Course with Daniel Dutch has been very enjoyable. My colleague and I have progressed quickly with our Dutch language skills and we are very pleased with the results. Daniel is a patient teacher who puts thought and effort into making his lessons fun, engaging and suited to our preferences. Instead of following the traditional ‘textbook-style’ of teaching, Daniel has developed his own curriculum that he adjusts to our learning pace and what is most relevant to our daily lives. He shamelessly corrects us to make sure we perfect our pronunciation, spelling and grammar, which is much appreciated! I would definitely recommend Daniel’s classes." (Written by Kate S.)

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